The latest FAQ’S published by various Government Departments, Directorates, Organisations, Institutions and local bodies of are listed here.
1. Who can Bid on this site ?
Any bidder enrolled on this site with his valid DSC can bid on this site.
2. How much time is required for the new DSC to be recognised by the eProcurement portal ?
At the time of enrollment in this e-Procurement portal, the Bidders should ensure that the status of DSC is active on this site. The activation of newly issued DSC may take 24 hrs or more. Hence Bidders who are obtaining new DSC should register at least 24 hrs before the submission of Bid.
3. Site is not accessible ?
Please read the “Resources Required” in the Home page
4. Can I sibmit my bid after withdrawing the bid online ?
No, You can not submit your bid against the tender , if you have withdrawn your bid, submitted against that particular tender.
5. Whether Joint Venture need a separate enrollment ?
Joint Venture being a separate business entity need a separate enrollment with a separate DSC.
6. How to upload Letter of Bid ?
The format of Letter of Bid is given in the NIT documents. You have to download the same and print it on the bidder’s letter head, fill the informations asked threin and scan it , save it in .pdf format. document is ready for upload.
7. What is Non Sensitive Document and how to upload them ?

Normally,Non Sensitive documents are those documents which are authorised by the System to store in Bidder’s space. 

8. When the documents are to be submitted by the bidders. ?
As per the NIT the confirmatory documents are to be submitted by the L1 bidder only within the prescribed time limit in the NIT.

Non compliance of this will attract penal action as stipulated in the NIT.

9. Where are the Help Documents ?
The Help documents are in Bidder’s Mannual in the right side menu on the Home Page.

These are for:
1. Enrollment
2. Bid Submission

10. What is the system requirement to run this system ?
Please see the Home page in the right side menu.