Globalization, price deflation, supply chain competitiveness and customer service are the most prominent trends in the supply chain industry in the 21st century. Dynamic markets, characterized by turbulence from changing consumer demands, lower costs and reduced margins means organizations must re-engineer their processes to remain competitive.

Getting products in the right place at the right time is all a matter of logistics especially in CIS countries and third world developing countries and that is what we are specialized in.

Creating Logistics Strategy

  • Analyzing strategic objectives of the organization
  • Strategic analysis of competition
  • Evaluate channel structure


  • Coordinate with suppliers on order status through net work of forwarding agents
  • Consolidation of various orders
  • Letter of credit and Export documentation
  • Cost effective shipping arrangements by air or sea
  • Status reporting

Order processing

  • Receipt and consolidation of Purchase orders
  • Pick & pack
  • Inspection
  • Preparation of invoice, packing list and certificate of origin


  • Customs documentation through EDI
  • Port/Airport documentation
  • Expedite shipments by air and sea
  • Destination services

Status reporting