JKK Freights International offers a professional logistics management service to the organizers and exhibitors of various event, exhibition and conference industries internationally.


  • Pre Exhibition consultation in terms of venue, dates, immigration and customs regulations of the country
  • Information and guidance about various subcontractors
  • Travel, Accommodation and Ground handling requirements
  • Transport management
  • Special regulations and permissions

Transportation Services;

  • Arrange shipment by air, sea or road or multi modal means based on cargo specifications and time factor.
  • Transportation from destination entry ports to venue /stand or vice versa
  • Marine Insurance for round trip through approved insurance brokers

Preparation of Transport and Customs Documents:

  • Airway Bill or Bills Of lading
  • Export/Import documents
  • Invoices as per destination country regulations
  • Certificate Of origin

Customs Clearance:

  • Online Customs Clearance services in UAE
  • Temporary Customs clearance against customs bond
  • Customs Clearance services worldwide

Floor Management:

  • On-site representation
  • Coordination between venue management / organizers/exhibitors/subcontractors
  • On-site freight handling at the venue freight yard, hall & stand
  • Handling the empty cases and temporary storage
  • Traffic management
  • Provision of lifting equipments, labour

Value Added Services:

  • Dedicated on site assistance for the organizers
  • Temporary office facilities for overseas organizers, agents in UAE
  • Exhibit Build up / Dismantling Services